The cellar

The cellar of Le Bien Aimé represents a beautiful privilege for the establishment. It contains real vintage treasures, but also vineyards of the whole world and exceptional wines. France is sure put forward with the Grand Crus of Bordeaux, and Burgundy but also Languedoc-Roussillon and the Rhône Valley which rest in ideal conditions of temperature and humidity conservation.

The cellar, with its precious bottles of rare wines, is one of the prestige of the restaurant.
Le Bien Aimé is also alchemy of aromas and flavors through a card of Whiskeys and Spirits elaborated with the biggest care by our chef sommelier.
From tasting to tasting, our chef sommelier gradually renews the wine list to offer to the customers of Le Bien Aimé diversified and rare vineyards.

« Art and wine are the superior joys of the free man. »