Les Artisans

The establishment called on to French craftsmen of international renown for any realization of ornamental elements. The requirements of all the companies allowed a work in the respect for the traditions and the rules of the art. The craft methods have guaranteed a work of incomparable quality.

Auberlet & Laurent

Sculptor and decorator:

Auberlet et Laurent company, founded in 1873, the craftsmen (mister Lebufnoir Thierry and Bonardet Sébastien and all the team) brought their talent of sculptors and decorators in order to make Le Bien Aimé a majestic place. The moldings, the cornices and the rosettes, each of these ornaments made Le Bien Aimé a remarkable decoration, answering a comparable aestheticism existing under the reign of Louis XV.

L’atelier des Granges

Parquet floor

L’Atelier des granges, Craft Company which makes the massive parquet, realized the custom-made manufacture of the parquet floor from Versailles to Le Bien Aimé. (Craftsmen: Mister Roustan and all the team).





L’atelier Gilles Dupuis


Gilles Dupuis workshop, a family business for three generations has put in color Le Bien Aimé (painting) on walls, logo on windows and rare marble. The link between the control of the traditional techniques and the creation of textures made it possible to respond to the wishes of the colors which preciously illustrated the walls of the salons of King Louis X, and whose Le Bien Aimé gourmet restaurant finds today. (Craftsmen: Miss Dupuis Isabelle and all the team)

L’atelier Mariotti

Gilt in the gold leaf

Mariotti workshop, created in 1971, is specialized in the restoration and the creation of leaf gilding. It is thanks to the control of the ancient techniques that Le Bien Aimé was dressed in gold. (Craftsmen: Mister Dupuis Nicolas and all the team)