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In Paris between the Faubourg Saint Honoré and Madeleine, the street of Anjou, emanates from the title "Duke d' Anjou", which was given by the royal family to the birth of the Dauphin, so was born Louis the beloved.

Le Bien Aimé represents the archetype of the French gastronomic art, being inspired by the Age of Enlightenment and by the cooks of a the Royal court under the reign of Louis XV.

Louis XV

Louis XV is the one who broke the codes of the " copious food " and who invented the gastronomy of excellence. After the royal hunting, the king ate without big ceremony with close friends and was enchanted with the idea of savoring refined and decorative dishes.
Le Bien Aimé is the perfect representation of one of the dining rooms of Louis XV in Versailles, the universe of the French monarchy.

The establishment called on to French craftsmen of international renown for any realization of ornamental elements. The requirements of all the companies allowed a work in the respect for the traditions and the rules of the art. The craft methods have guaranteed a work of incomparable quality.

Inheritors of a long tradition, these craftsmen with unique know-how have all collaborated for Historic monuments, Museums, National Palaces, not to mention the Château de Versailles.

Besides these large-scale works, the details of the decoration emphasizes the style of the restaurant, the chandeliers, bronze and crystal, from the XVIII th century, sparkle the beauty of the dishes.
The frames in which king Louis XV and Marie Leczinska impose themselves, nicely sculptured and gilded, fabrics were finely chosen such as the colors appreciated by Louis XV, the dishes by JL Coquet, a unique porcelaine whose finishes were specially designed for Le Bien Aimé, add a touch of elegance to the dishes.

For this spring season, Le Bien Aimé is pleased to show you the new card carefully established by the Chef. The card respects the spirit of the place by proposing a gourmet French cuisine which draws its inspiration from the classics.

Ornement du restaurant Le Bien Aimé à Paris


A creative cuisine


Prestige of the table


Versailles in Paris


A short-lived menu

Ornement du restaurant Le Bien Aimé à Paris

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